Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The unanswered question of winter running tights.

I assume, everyone is cold today. Maine does not even make headlines because everyone expects it to be cold, and when it is cold in Atlanta, who cares about Maine?  – Honestly, it is not even that cold here yet), only barely 30F and no wind chill. The arctic invasion warms up until it gets here.

I am in preshopping mode. Pre-holiday/black Friday shopping mode. I check out the glove section and put on Northface XS womens gloves. “These would be nice! So warm and cozy.” An evil voice in my head says “What about when it is January and –30F. Will you be warm then?” I shiver and put them back. The same happens when I see a woman running like a gazelle over snow covered grounds in simple “winter warm” tights. “Hmmm…” does the evil voice say “does this company really know anything about ‘winter training in Maine’? or do these ‘winter pants’ only work for ‘winter in Arizona’ ?”.

Good point. --- In Maine, I probably have to wear at least 2 or 3 of these. On top of each other. Nevertheless, I am adamant about getting outside in the winter, for some hikes, snow shoeing or skiing, and warm clothes are the key ingredient to stay warm and make it fun. It is also more fun if they look good.

The question of flexible running tights for the deep cold is left unanswered at this point. I wonder what people actually wear when it is 20F below. Ski pants are great for cross country skiing but too heavy and stiff for running (more looking like a robot running). oh well. First world problems.

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