Thursday, November 27, 2014

White Thanksgiving

Normally, we are happy about white Christmas, so peaceful and festive that even songs are written about it. This year we are blessed with White Thanksgiving. 14 inches of new powder, having arrived on Thanksgiving morning. Ok, so after we dig ourselves out, we will be thankful. The landscape looks like winterwonderland, the snow powdery, the sky blue and the sun bright. This combination has a significant effect on most people: they get the skis out.

While I prepare for the day, I glance through my email inbox, and humming to myself the tantric wisdom of JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out). “I don’t really need anything… I am good. I am immune. I have everything I need. I don’t even like a Canon Rebel T5, not even if it is 50% off.” Ah, yes, all those deals of all those things I potentially want. But not need. Can I close my eyes, and let this Black Friday after White Thanksgiving pass me by this year? Or will I get up electrified tomorrow morning, and jump in my car, and explore, caving fully to FOMO?

The wise plan is likely to figure out ahead of time, what I really need. Instead of being part of a swarm of shoppers, collectively tipsy from a Black Friday high, rummaging through the stores, leaves shelves look like they’ve been hit by the 8th plague.

These are things I ended up buying, before Black Friday:

  • Smartwool! I love the smartwool socks, warm, real wool, undestructible, even by washing and tumble-drying them. This fall I discovered their crew and bottom line. I have 2 tees and one base layer bottom. I could live in those (Note: when you sign up, you get up to $20 off your first order!)
  • After much ordered and returning, I settled on the Keen Wilma Lace boots. Comfortable, easy to get on, toe space and superlight.
  • They go perfectly with my new Tubbs Wilderness snowshoes.
  • This beautiful JCrew vest is still in the mail.
Then it was time for the wilderness adventure...


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