Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter running or just keeping warm in sub zero temperatures

The answered question of winter running tights. I’ve been debating this for a while ever since I got back into running this summer and enjoyed running outdoors as opposed to the treadmill. What to do in the winter when living in one of the coldest states of the nation? Would there be really warm enough winter tights? People seem to make it happen, like the skate cross country skiers.

But I remained doubtful if this would be warm enough.

So, I bought the following:
  • These Smartwool 250 NTS midweight bottoms, which are awesome. Merino wool well done (non-scratchy and holds up in the laundry) is still one of the best and most cozy temperature control fabrics. This are great for cold walks, to and from work, snow shoeing, hiking, etc., any activity that won’t get you in a sweat.  (They have the best price at Sierra Trading post, $60 instead of $95). They are true to size.
  • These very thin North Face women’s warm tights. They are whicking, keep you warm and cool at the same time, and so perfect for activities that make you sweat such as running and skate skiing.
  • Yesterday, I received the Athleta Ski line Polartec 2 tight. They felt plush and cozy to the touch, and once I put them on, I was toasty warm and never wanted to take them off. The warmest tights I’ve ever owned. They are fleeced on the inside, and the material is soft and stretchy, not much (any?) compression, but nice and warm from the get-go. TOASTEEE! They are so warm that once I sat down and put a blanket over my legs I had to take them off because I was overheating. These are finally candidates to wear outside for a run. 
  • Update: it looks like Lululemon now offers real cold weather wunder unders for the first time. They don't look too attractive with the excessive paneling. However, there is a new model, the Feeling Frosty Softshell pants, which looks great!
  • I ordered Sugoi Midzero tights and Icebreaker GT rush tights (with merino wool). The Midzero tights are really tight and run small, they seem to be a thin as regular lululemon wunder unders. The Icebreakers are warm, but the merino wool makes them scratchy. They both went back. 

Let the outdoor running commence. Now, the question is about the right trail running shoes.

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