Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter Kale Smoothie

We are already in the second half of January --- the year is accelerating again. I am still waiting for my first solid winter snowstorm because I am ready for skiing. I have not been all winter, and this, after all, is the state of Maine. While we had white thanksgiving and spring-like Christmas, January looks rather poor on snow. The 10 day outlooks also does not predict any changes. The other voice inside of me says “Lack of snow? Are you …like.. crazy?”. But January and February are winter months, why not sweeten them with some ski-able winterwonderland snow?


This week I have been watching live and free re-runs of a super-informative 5-day workshop on creativelive, Fundamentals of Photography with John Greengo. While John is a bit on the dry side of presenting, the workshop is so chock-full of information that I actually purchased it. It covers everything from camera technology to lenses, organization and editing of files with lightroom, composition, lighting and many more. A workshop from A to Z. Once in a while it is good to go back to fundamentals and see that there is a lot of stuff I did not pickup on the first time around. 


Since vegetables in in the winter are a rather sad assortment, I am back to kale smoothies. All the fiber, vitamins and goodness one could want in a glass of kale, almond milk and a banana with some sprinkles of sweetened coconut, pistachios and goji berries.

Also this weekend: I could not keep my eyes off the episodes of Season 2: The Fall. Ever since Gillian Anderson of X-file fame portrayed this cool, monotone, fascinating investigator on the first season of this psycho-thriller BBC series, I have been waiting for season 2. It did not disappoint. (Netflix streaming).


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