Monday, February 16, 2015

Blizzard lockdown

The wind still howls around the house with wind chills of –19F but the blizzard ended up being mostly wind, with 3 inches of snow instead of the predicted 24. Phew. We got off easy on this one. I ventured out yesterday afternoon, and the streets were empty with most people still entrenched in hunker down mode. When I arrived at Starbucks, which is under most circumstances a cozy home away from home, the doors were closed and the employees safely at home. Bummer. The city seemed under blizzard lock down.


But Target was open and the good Valentine’s chocolate was 30% off. Godiva, Ferrero and pink M&Ms.

It’s a new week, for some another holiday, for some not, and it still seems to be at least 2 more weeks to go with freezer-type temperatures and the chance of new snow. Winter at its best.


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