Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of kale, and snow and Maine

The temperatures eased up slightly. On Monday, I was snowblowing my drive way and put on my lunar habitat suit, that is, full face mask, ski goggles, 2 hats and a floor length down coat. It was –18F with wind chill, and I was toasty warm. Now, the temperatures seem back to normal, a bearable zone, like in the tenth F. The sun is out, I might go skiing again. Tomorrow, there is a ‘winter storm watch’. After 2 false positives with winter storm predictions, the weather service seems to take a chance with an err on the false negative side this time. 10 inches? We will see.


What I start to miss most is to wear regular shoes. If you cannot wear regular shoes, your whole outfit is restricted to Aspen apres ski fashion. Well, spring can only be weeks away. The days get longer, if they’d also get warmer, all would be good.

After years and years, the local Hannafords finally started carrying organic lacinato kale in the produce section. For years it was not available at the Farmers market and definitely not in groceries stores so I had to grow it myself. But here we are, 8 years after the fashionable kale craze, it is sold, even at the most northeastern corner of the Union.

Too beautiful to put into smoothies, I made it as a side to the farro and roasted parsnip salad.

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