Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soba noodle soup

After a morning of snow shoveling, the sun came out and it was unusually mild today. Spring was in the air. I love those days when you still can go skiing and you wear a regular top and a vest, and the snow is dripping from the trees. But, it was just a taste of spring, we are back to the 10s F by tomorrow. 


While I am preparing for the Oscar party of the year, I made a quick soba noodle soup. I used to like the Oscars much better when I was still going to the movie theater regularly. That ceased with the convenience of netflix, and now I am usually a half year late on half of the nominees. However, for the ones I saw I very much liked Boyhood. The Grand Budapest hotel is cute but a little crazy. I just saw Gone Girl, and it was done really well, as mesmerizing as the book. And….Ms. Jane Bennett plays the Girl gone.

As for the soup the simplicity of it is that everything can be cooked in 5min. The soba noodles will be al dente, the carrot soft but with a bite, and the rest still fresh.

Soba Noodle Soup

1 serving

  • 3 cups of water  (or chicken or vegetable stock)
  • 1 ts of dry or liquid bouillon
  • 2 oz of soba noodles
  • 2 mini dried hot peppers, crushed
  • 1 carrot, peeled and diced
  • 2 lacinato kale leaves, cut in thin strands
  • 3 TB frozen corn
  • some pre-cooked chicken

Put everything in a pot, bring to a boil, turn down the heat and simmer for 5min. Serve.

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