Friday, February 20, 2015

Thinking out loud on a Friday

It is Friday --- the final February weekend. While Boston is digging tunnels through the Boston blitz, the Niagara Falls are partially frozen over, and we are a country divided (by temperatures) there is hope that things will change ---- it is almost March, after all. There will be daylight saving time again, the days get really long and a hope that the snow piles will convert into puddles and then into tulips. There is no hurrying out of February, there are still the Oscars on Sunday, a last school week until spring break, and much skiing to enjoy.

It really is my kind of February: plenty of snow, cold temperatures so the snow sticks around and I can go skiing every day (if I want to). Based to the map above, Maine is right on track and it is business as usual. In other places? Not so much.  

People head out over lunch break to skate ski through the marvelous, sunny winter wonderland, just like they would go for a run in the summer. Fresh air, sunshine, and you are back at your desk with a smile and a fresh mind. Bright sunlight and fresh air cure almost everything. What else to think out loud about?
  • Nigara Falls are frozen over. Next: Hell.
  • I am so in love with this. Had to buy it. Love this one, too.
  • I could not agree with this more.
  • My dreams came true: There is finally the German version of Greek yogurt in the US: Quark! by Elli Quark. How is it different? it is high in protein, low in sugar, but without the tart taste of Greek yogurt which always makes you want to add the sugar bowl to it. It is mild in taste, more like milk, but similar texture to Greek yogurt.
  • Have you seen these funny flyers ?
  • Enjoy the weekend!

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