Thursday, March 19, 2015

Indian lunch

The sun is out, bright sunshine, blue sky and good sleep are such a bump in energy in the morning. Yesterday, I finished “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, there is just one season available after all, and I can only recommend to mono-task when watching it, because otherwise it is hard to follow the jokes and all the nuances. Or any jokes because they are said my New Yorkers with a rapid speedfire way of talking.

At least the sky feels like spring. The ground feels like winter.


The weekend is near, there is another bump up of energy. The snow forecast has been downgraded to 2 inches from 7 inches, maybe the weekend is actually something to write off as ‘spring approaching’. And hope dies last.

But then, why complaining? It is a beautiful day, it is a day of my life that never comes back, if there is snow on the ground or not, if I can walk around in sandals or not, who much does it really matter? How much will it really impact anything that happens today? We can sometimes be so caught up in the things we want instead of the things we have, we miss out on a beautiful day/person/child/ourselves that is just in front of us. To appreciate what is giving to us today and find its beauty instead of desire something not in our grasps right now (but maybe some other time/day just arriving on its own when the time is right). It’s all a process and sometimes we want to rush it, with the eyes fixed on the result instead of enjoying the daily developmental steps, seeing the process that unfolds in front of us.

The sun shines, it is a beautiful day, one day spring will come, it is not clear when but it will, let’s be busy with the beautiful today and go skiing one more time, on a day I can fit in a lot more because it is long and bright and I can go sking after work not during lunch break. A beautiful, new, fresh day to be alive!

Pictured above is my lunch --- in a glass container, Indian spices spinach (with butter, onion, nutmeg and cardamom, and salt), vegetable biryani, and sauteed mushroom with butter and onion, salt and pepper.

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