Monday, March 9, 2015

Out and about–Spring break in Maine

We passed the middle of spring break, the temperatures are milder, but the snow has not disappeared in any significant ways. Daylight savings time + a coconut milk non-decaf latte at 5pm on a Sunday set me back a whole week to adjust and I was still tossing and turning at 4:30am. Otherwise, it was a fun weekend – the New Balance factory store in Skowhegan had a 40% off sale (on the factory seconds) and it seemed like too good to pass up and detour on the way to Portland.


This is the New Balance factory and, like with LLBean, much is still hand-made right here in the USA.


Unfortunately I came on the second day of the sale, rookie mistake, and the “middle of the road” sizes of the nice shoes were already gone. A lot of 6s and 11s in this blue beauty.


It is no surprise that plenty of people trek to Skowhegan for the sale. 40% off 39.98? Not bad, not  bad. I could not really find any signs of ‘seconds’, the merchandise looked perfect.


Available in my size, but a bit too Florida colored for me.


I finally settled on these, of course, they had to be the most expensive ones in the store, but they are amazing, the fresh foam model. They are a little too tight for running shoes on my regular running shoe size (in the toe box) but otherwise a firmer fit than a half size up.



Even more love for these cuties. The adorableness.


It was then off to Freeport which was quite deserted. I don’t think anyone comes to Maine for spring break, and even the Mainers are gone.


In the old days, maybe it was different.


Fell in love with the new flatbreads at Panera bread. Soooo good!


Repurposed an inexpensive bulky bag at Forever XXI as camera bag.


Only batted my eyelashes at this bag.

And now I try to be patient for spring to come, in the next weeks, months.

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