Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unbreakable on a late March snow day

After a whole day of snowflakes for St. Patrick’s Day but fortunately hardly any new accumulations it is cold and windy and the 10 days forecast does not promise any significant changes in temperatures or that there would be any break from more snow showers. It’s almost April.

We had our first plowable snow on November 2, this starts to feel like a really long winter. The days are long now but it just more daylight hours to see it snowing.

After coming home from work, I browsed through my Netflix instant movie list, watched a little bit of “Ready to wear”, a mildy funny 1990s movie about the fashion industry. After I lost interest after 10min, I moved on to the Isaac Mizrahi movie “Unzipped” also did not hold my attention for long. The next one promised “Adventures of Kimmy Schmidt after 15 years living with a cult”. Sounded mildly promising, and with a sigh I start to watch it. It reminded me of Escaping the Amish and inspired by the Duggars, then it became wonderful crazy and funny and by the end of the first episode, I was in love.

Immediately, I clicked on the second episode. Whatever this show was, of which I had never heard before, it was hilarious and reminded me of the belly laugh when watching Friends, just better and more kooky. I held my abs in pain laughing so hard that after a long day of more snow and a visit to the dentist things were finally looking up.

At the beginning of the second show, I saw a screen flickering by that said “Created by Tina Fey”. Now, it made sense. This was no accidental funny show. Tina! The Katy Perry of acting. The SNL writer, Sarah Palin improviser, 30Rock writer and actress, and not to forget author of Bossy Pants, Mean Girls and Baby Mama (I wondered what she had been up to after 30Rock ended, besides having a 2nd child and making us all sniff dryer sheets when we deal with writer’s block).

I watched 4 more episodes and the day was saved. “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’', a Netflix original series. If you loved “Orange is the new Black”, and “House of Cards” this is for you. Netflix, you are starting to have the best content around.

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