Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspirations for the week

The weather is dreary and I am not in the spring menu mode, inspired by the farmers market. It is still, well, more comfort food. Beans, stews, tomatoes. Here are a few inspirations that I cannot wait to try out.

Five Ingredients, One (Pressure) Pot, 30min goodness

Chicken, raw tomatoes, potatoes, onion, a bay leaf and a bit of salt and pepper, cooked to soupy, intense flavor deliciousness in the pressure cooker. Sign me up.

Chili Verde

Same idea -- pressure cooker stewing up intense flavor and juicy textures --- chicken, poblano, tomatillos, green bell peppers, some garlic, and onions.

Giant Bean Tomato Soup

Love Giant beans. Why are they so expensive?

For desert, this Pear Walnut Cake

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