Friday, April 10, 2015

Kale, cherry tomato, chickpea and feta salad

A step in the right direction, finally making my own lunch salad again.

I need a new day routine. Maybe, it comes with spring? The winter has been so long, and the days were too much the same with too cold, too short, and a routine set itself up, and I am burnt out on it. Making my own lunch I pushed to the side. Not sure how to get my motivation back on track....

This salad was good: black chickpeas from the India store cooked in the rice cooker, romaine with a layer of lacinato kale, cherry tomatoes from Trader Joes, the last leftover feta from the farmers market and sprinkles of Thyme and home-made balsamic vinaigrette.

Maybe, it is just a salad at a time.

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