Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Occupation: Prince of the United Kingdom

The weather continues to make us forget the long and hard winter, and gives us a taste of the summer to come. Beers on decks, gardens and trees with specks of green, and once May unfolds there will be an explosion of green.

This morning I read somewhere that now Prince William made it official and single-handedly registered his new daughter, Princess Charlotte, at the registrar. Love the unabashedly  "Occupation: Prince of the United Kingdom".  It looks like there is really a job description of prince and princess, instead of it being a title.

School is basically out by now and will be for the rest of the summer. I enjoy this nice weather period because it will be back to cold and rain next week. 10 day weather forecast make planning so much easier. Guilt-free basking in the sun, when you know you'll have all the time you need to catch up on work in the office once it is raining again.

I bought a new bike, a LLBean city cruiser. Comfort is everything in my age  --- the bike has high handlebars so I can sit upright, but it has the sturdy cushion of mountain bikes when I ride over the country roads or the bike paths through the woods. It's time to revv up my fitness because hiking exploits are waiting and it ain't no fun if I huff and puff after 10 minutes of hiking.

Ah, summer. Let's settle into the good part of the year.

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