Friday, May 1, 2015

Quaker and GMO?

Hello, May! May you spell some resemblance of summer with warm days and first hikes and flowers!

So, this is a little bit of anti-sponsored information (I could probably be paid to not post it), but I came across this campaign on Facebook this morning. The anti-GMO movement is not new, however, what was new to me is that Quaker, of the beloved Quaker oats, seemingly the mothership of healthy food, actually used genetically modified organism as ingredients. Say, what? Bye-bye, Quaker oats. Will look for an organic alternative at Wholefoods.

Today, it  is unclear which long-term effect GMO foods have; however, it makes common sense that since they were engineered to withstand the use of herbicides and pesticides better, they are often doused with those, which cannot  be healthy for the food, nor the environment or the people living close to those crops (graphic pictures…)/ People start to have higher rates of autoimmune diseases, cancers at young age, so this is not unrelated. Why do the companies do it? Of course, to have a higher crop yield, sell more roundup and who cares about the consumer. GMOs and Monsanto are banned in many European countries, but in the US Big Business tries to shut up the consumer, and the government is not much (responsible) help either in protecting the consumer.

This is a petition to write to Quaker and PepsiCo and ask them to at least support labeling of genetically-modified organisms in consumer products. So far they have spent millions (like Monsanto) to block legislation. ---

So, if you care what you eat and what the environment looks like in 20 years for your kids, consider signing the petition. (—> link)

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