Saturday, May 30, 2015

Whitehall, Camden

Over the Memorial weekend, I had an opportunity to visit the newly remodeled Camden hotel Whitehall. Maine is 95% very New England traditional chic as if the time stopped in 1940. I am, however, a fan of anything modern, so a hotel that looks traditional on the outside but has a modern interior design gets my attention. Camden with a very well-to-do summer guest clientele has several boutique hotels, and Whitehall is the latest. My friend C. came visiting over the weekend from Boston, and it took little convincing for him to stay in Whitehall and I had a good reason to check it out myself, one week after it officially opened.

whitehall-1-2 whitehall-1-9

While I waited for C. to arrive (who got sidetrack outlet mall shopping in Kittery and Freeport) I enjoyed free coffee, scones and internet in the Whitehall lobby getting some work done.
Not only are all hotel room remodeled, but celebrity Chef Sam Talbot mans the new restaurant Pig and Poet.
Beside a large bar and restaurant space, Pig and Poet also has 2 beautiful patio areas, one directly in front of the hotel, and one nestled more privately between the restaurant and the hotel.
After some hiking, we returned for cocktails and appetizers on the back patio.
whitehall-1-5 whitehall-1-7
We even returned for dinner, but I did not take any photos. The interior design of the hotel and the restaurant is spectacular. The food was a bit hit and miss, some dishes were excellent, some just average. The baked items, however, were all to die for.  According to C. the breakfast was spectacular.
I am sure in the summer, this place will be crammed. But I plan to come back, a great place to hang out.

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