Thursday, June 18, 2015

And then I took a Pink Tiger home

GAP is closing stores. Their clothes have been a bit unappealing lately. Hopefully, they come out of the slump.   Remember this pink tiger?

It was a marvelous early summer day, when only half of the tourists have arrived yet, mostly from the South. I headed out to the coast. To work.

I encountered parts of windmills that were transported under police escort, but otherwise it was a usual summer day. I arrived at Chase’s Daily just in time to still get lunch (they serve until 2:30pm).
It was finally the time when Chase’s has started to sell produce from its own farm. Around this time of the year, this includes seedlings.
Like winter chard. Or tomatoes.
I had given up on tomato plants a few years ago, because it seemed cheaper and easier to just buy them at the farmers market. But, the farmers market does not have pink ones. Pink with yellow stripes.
So I took a pink tiger home. There was also Napa cabbage, ready to eat, and my favorite mesclun mix.
I am not the only one who is in awe of this salad mix.
After paying for the goods I moved on to lunch. A fabulous salad of said Napa cabbage with pink beets, carrots, and fresh mint (!), fantastic spicy grilled tofu, grilled scallions and a miso vinaigrette.
After all was eaten and some work done, I wandered the streets of Belfast, with all its cute little stores.
Brambles at its new location is back in business with olive trees. There is also now a fresh flower store in the store, just beautiful.
On the backside, unseen from the Main street, is a brandnew brickoven neopolitan pizza store.
Including outdoor seating.
Then, I finally, finally found a ‘coffee shop’ to actually sit down and work. It is a secondhand bookstore which is an eclectic mix of secondhand books, and antique porcelain and kitchen ware. I’ve never quite bought anything in the store, I just wanted to be in the store. It transports you to your playful grandmothers house. New tables and chairs in front of the store indicated that something had changed. When I walked in I was overwhelmed by a seductive aroma of cinnamon and fresh baked cookies. There were little tables everywhere in the store, inviting people to sit down, enjoy some coffee and cookies. Brilliant. I picked the most remote table in the back of the store, and got the computer out. I worked until I ran out of battery power. I think I have to move to Belfast.

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