Monday, June 8, 2015

Nutrients for the mind and soul

June started off with a return to rain and the coldest temperatures for Maine on record. This week the weather cannot decide between rain, sun or humidity. But it is summer, so that’s good.
This time of the year I am open to be inspired, by recipes, ideas, food….. as if summer is always a time to sit back, relax, inhale new nutrients of the mind and soul.
  • I am thinking about more decorative hiding places for my fitbit. Torchy Burch is a bit expensive. When will J.Crew pick up on this?
  • Bezels-Bytes-Fashion-for-your-Fitbit-01
  • A picnic in Versailles? picnic
  • A summer vacation in the south of France.
  • Basic RGB
  • Beyonce discovered easy weightloss by eating vegan. I still remember the days when she said she does not want to loose any of her curves, but, I guess, that was not quite the truth.
  • These look like delicious summer fare. And these, too.
  • Vegan-Falafel

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