Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer entertainment

Last week I thought "We had one month this year --- to go from "too cold to be outside" to "too hot to be outside"... ". It was hot and humid for almost 2 weeks and felt like being in the middle of summer. No complaints (after a long harsh winter in the Northeast, there are no complaints). But the temperatures dropped by 20 degrees this weekend and it is rather chilly and rainy. The farmers will clap their hands.

This weekend I tried to figure out how to get Live Writer, the convenient blogging tool from Microsoft, to talk to the Google Blogger platform again. Some googling revealed that this seems to be a permanent problem for now, because Google updated their authentication protocols and Live Writer has not. There is a workaround using Microsoft's Live Mail (part of Windows Essentials), composing the blog in Live Writer, including photos, and copy and pasting the post to an email (in Live Mail) to post via email and keep all (or almost all) of the formatting and photos without having to manually compose a post in Blogger. (More on this technique, here). It does work --- but downloading Windows Essential took HOURS. I am not exaggerating. I rebooted my system a few times, but it just took forever (12h!). At least, now it works.

It's June! Hard to believe that the year is almost half over, and that we are rapidly approaching the longest day of the year!

Recently, I watched quite a few good new shows on netlfix (actually, netflix originals!). Netflix starts to have some of the best content around. The first show was "Frankie and Grace" , a quite hilarious show with some of my favorite actors such as Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston (the opinionated DA from Law and Order). It starts with the premise that the husbands of 2 couples tell their wives that they are planning to run away together, as a couple, after having a secret affair for 20 years. Everyone's world is upside down, and the wives, who are like water and oil, start sharing the beach house because they both claim it, and deal with this change in their every own ways. The whole show is well done, complex, funny, with a heart and sensibilities without getting sappy. 

Mostly, it is funny. 

The other show that completely grabbed me after the first 2 episodes is Bloodline. It is a mystery unraveling about the secrets of the Rayburn family, when the lost son Danny comes home for a reunion to the Rayburn Inn in the Florida Keys. Ah, yes, so it plays all in the Florida keys, summer heat and all, with Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek and Kyle Chandler. Although confusing in the beginning with plenty of flash backs that seen to not come together, the story starts unfolding quite clearly by episode 3 or 4, and most of the characters are not who you think they are. By the end of season one, I was glued to the screen. Now, I wonder when season 2 is released. 

And the third series is seriously inspiring --- Chef's Table, a new documentary on Netflix. I only watched 2.5 shows, but it makes me want to cry it is so beautiful, mesmerizing and mind blowing. Serious art and creativity. 

There we go. If you find yourself in vacation spirit, or hiding out from the summer heat, or sit on the deck with an ipad, and a glass of wine in the evening, there is some serious entertainment. Happy June!

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