Thursday, June 11, 2015

The worst day

It was my favorite day of the year (cough. So, not. Like the worst).


My heart already sank, as usual, and my stomach was in knots an hour before I actually had to coax 2 of my cats into their crate so we could go to the vet to get the annual shots. Surprise attack is always the best option. Scooping them up, placing them in the open crate with the roof removed, cuddling them, and trying to put the cover back on with the other arm. All the while being potentially clawed and listening to miserable whining. Because they are smart, the little fury ones. Meanwhile, the other one was under the bed, hoping she was spared the fate of her sister. But no such luck.

I got my hot yoga microfiber towel out, and so they felt relatively safe from the strange, scary, bad world. They got their shots, I sang all the way home, they were quiet, but relieved and hopeful the worst was over. Once they were back in the house, their tail puffy up in the air, they felt like heroes having survived yet another adventure and emerged victorious. Food, please! Treats! Hyms!
I am also relieved for yet another year as long as no one gets sick. The weather is beautiful today. Yesterday when I browsed my instagram feed I came across a photo from Shutterbean. I almost could feel the atmosphere of sitting down in a restaurant with your kid, parent, and everyday activity, loud, telling stories, living life. How beautiful exactly this moment is.
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And so, I compiled my own instagram picture.
Find the beauty

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