Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to school with beaches on my mind

So, there we are. Summer is over and school starts again today. The transition was met with the usual short phase of depression, of “Oh, no, it can’t be!”, but protest does not make anything easier, and here we are. Freshly scrubbed and full of energy.


This morning I saw these arial photos of Italy’s beaches. Yes, this is how I remember it. Since I live in Maine, I realize how necessary it is to stay away from soooo many people to really relax, and I enjoy myself the Maine beaches. Just enough people for comfort.

The weather is still golden, warm, hot even, and the coast is calling my name. Fortunately, we still have a long weekend ahead of us. It is the time of apple picking, and inexpensive heirloom  tomatoes at the farmers market, of taking the bike to work to avoid the battle for parking spots on campus, and a silent hope that summer will turn into Indian summer and last until the end of October.

Last week, I had to renew my library card, and so I perused the cookbook section and borrowed a few classic like “Super Natural Every Day” and “Momofuku” for renewed cooking inspiration. Since I cancelled my TV subscription (and now binge-watch TV series on Hulu)  I really miss Food TV and the Cooking Channel. Unfortunately, they are not part of any streaming deal (yet). 

Anyway, I am rambling. With back to work, I hope to come back with more recipes soon.

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