Monday, September 14, 2015

Bluetooth HR monitor

I am a big fan of fitness gadgets. These days I wear the Jawbone Up3 all the time; with the latest software and firmware update I no longer have to indicate when I am going to sleep, and it does an excellent job of figuring it out automatically. However, it measures passive heart rate, and that does not help that much when I exercise.
When Beets Blu asked me to review their Bluetooth Heartrate Monitor, I was more than interested in doing so. It is basically a chest strap with a heart rate monitor that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and live streams the HR information. I have a Garmin HR monitor, which I like a lot, but since I no longer use the Garmin watch, I also don’t use it anymore. So, this one is a great tool if someone does not want to spend a lot of money, and still get well-measured HR information (the once on a wrist are less accurate).

The set-up with the phone was easy. I did not even read instructions, and I was able to just pair it with my IPhone. I did not download the app, but immediately streamed the information to my Apple Health app, and received data.
However, the HR monitor is best to use for working out, because it will drain both the phone and the HR monitor batteries if worn all day.
I typically wear it when I go running to get better information. Love it.

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