Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas came early

When I walked in to Bed Bath & Beyond last weekend, and they said I could use the 20% off coupon for the Philips Pasta Maker, my consideration that I don’t really need a pasta maker went out the door. Instead, I walked with this wonderful device out the door.

I bought some “OO” flour, and fresh eggs.  Since I am not one for reading manuals, I watched a video on youtube. Measure the flour in the provided measurement cup (250g flour), mix the 1 egg with a bit of water (and in my case, saffron dissolve in the water) in the second measurement cup, and wait for pasta to be pressed out of the maker 3 minutes later.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas tree, Christmas tree

The last weekend before Christmas. The weather continues to be mild and supposedly, it will be the ‘warmest Christmas of our lives’, according to for most of the US. I know some people who can’t wait for snow so they can finally go skiing, but after last winter I am not keen on snow for now.

 The tree is decorated.

 This year I painted the Christmas cards.

 With help from this little fella. He decided to not just supervise but get in on the action.

 Outdoor kitty is still out and about and supervises the late season raking of leaves.

 Recent lunches. Spiralized carrots, pomegranate seeds, hummus and frozen figs and strawberries. Or sauteed mushroom and corn, with hummus and fresh campari tomatoes. Or apple cake and tea (with the beautiful Starbucks 2015 Christmas Mug collection).

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas by the sea, Take 2

Last year I accidentally stumbled upon Camden’s Christmas by the sea activities. This time, I was prepared. Unlike last year when we had had several significant snow and icestorms already, this year it was mild, almost California-like (for Maine): sunny, dry and temperatures in the lower 50s. The stores and restaurants in Belfast and Camden were buzzing with visitors making a 2-3 day holiday season trip up the coast. Visiting a quaint, magical, wonderfully lit, quiet coastline with darling little villages and finding just the right unique knick knacks to buy for presents, which are hand-made by local potters or weavers or artists, not by some machine in China. Large bonfires lit on the beach, Santa arriving by boat and reading stories, and hot tea in hand-made mugs and luxury hotels. Let’s be jolly.