Friday, January 22, 2016

Arctic Winter Comforts

It is arctic around here. I wake up every morning to a glissening white-golden sun and a bright blue sky, the light reflected by the bright icy snow that covers the landscape pervasively. With January, the tempertures dip to the low 20sF, and it does not matter if it is 22F or -1F, it is simply too cold for comfort. Add some wind that icely blusters up the loose snow, and makes the tiny silvery snowflakes dance in house high walls, like ghosts, in the sun. I pull my fur-rimmed hood tighter around my head and try to get to the next building as fast as possible.
January is closing out, but February will not be much milder. This is the time of the year when you do not see your neighbors. They disappear in the fall in their houses and sometimes, in the spring they emerge with newborns. In the spring and summer, the kids play in the yard, the dogs are walked twice daily and the cats meander the fence-less properties. But winter? Only cars and snowblowers humming in the night.

This weekend all the winter action is happening a 1000 Miles south from here, and D.C. will see 2 feet of snow. It is actually nice to sit back and for once see someone else get walloped. It will be fun so see the White House rimmed in winterwonderland and snowmen on the mall. Picturesque as it always is when the storm is gone and a beautiful landscape left. I hope everyone has stocked up on fresh ingredients for chicken noodle soup and the wine cellar is restocked, ready to shamelessly hunkering down.

This part of winter can be cozy. The house is warm, and me being wrapped in a down blanket and the cats snuggled. Reading, writing, endless netflix, a calm is in the air because there is nothing much to miss out on beside some skiing.

It reminds me of Switzerland, high up in the Alps, with no cars, warm ski huts and a beautiful view.


Good food, of course. Like a lazy version of Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer mixed more fresh spinach and home-made fresh linguine. Unusual, but really good.

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