Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Angel hair and X Files

The cold and snow came on the weekend, and then the wind and rain came. Today I woke up and saw that most of the 15 inches of snow are now gone, and that the house is still standing. I was not quite sure about that last night when I went to bed, because the winds were howling around the house that even the cats looked up, their ears in alarm radar position.

Today, it looks like spring again, well, maybe spring in the northeastern corner of the Northeast, with temperatures around 40F. This is still better than a –30F windchill.


I’ve been busy with a project at work and the days pass my by without much notice. I am in the zone. Hope, I don’t jinx myself. It took a while to get in the zone. There has been no time for recipes and I’ve been living off the large stash of home-made noodles in the freezer.  Thick spaghetti, penne, angelhair  pasta, thrown in a pot of salted boiling water, some tomato sauce and back to work.


I also started to watch The X Files. I was not into it the first time around, but I’ve been a huge fan of Gillian Anderson since the UK series “The Fall”, with her as a non-nonsense, intelligent Superintendent Stella Gibson, the only one in the whole investigation who never looses her cool, similar to the killer.  It’s interesting to see that she played the same type, back in the days, much younger, in the X Files. Now, she’s just a lot hotter. Well, maybe it’s the clothes. Or is it age?  

My cats talk to me a lot. Mostly, it seems they complain and call me to order. “It’s dinner time, hurry up!” or “I am bored, you have not played with me today, how can you forget this. Now now now!” I started to respond with   “Alright, agent Scully…”

Just checking in. Be back.

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