Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter calling

It’s Easter this weekend. Easter in March feels really early, especially since we got another 12 inches of snow on Monday. It thaws rapidly but the Easter egg hunt  might still be in the snow this year. Bummer.


For me,  Easter feels like spring, first flowers, green lawn, spending times outdoors again, pumping air in the bike and getting sore thighs from peddling.  But this year even the Easter bunny is a stunned by Santa Claus conditions.


I have to reign in my impatience with wanting warmer weather to come. The days are longer, it is sunnier but I am still kept inside because it is chilly.  Yesterday, I went running outdoors and it was glorious, much better than those sweaty hot summer runs where I have to outrun the mosquitos.


I try to put the summer colors in my salad, with radicchio, first (non-local) strawberries, smoked swiss cheese from an Amish butcher, and pine nuts.  Spring in a bowl.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Of aliens and wunder unders

Today, I felt like Khloe Kardashian when I tried on the new wunder under that had just arrived from Lululemon: ‘wait, are they see through?!”  I could make out the color of my underwear. The material is wonderful, the color, too, and despite the endless negative reviews that I did not want to believe I ordered them anyway. But see-through? Hmm, maybe not.  Now, I believe that there are indeed see-through wunder unders. I thought they were just a customer conspiracy theory.

It feels like spring around here, it is still very windy and that makes it quite cold, but I put a few chairs on the deck. The first week of spring break is gone and it was deliciously relaxed. I’ve tried on trench coats, and packed up the warm winter scarfs and the heavy duty snow shoes. I saw the cutest ballet flats at Target (striped!). Summer can only be a matter of time and it is a month early this year.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Candied Meyer Lemon in a salad

It’s much milder these days, not like early summer elsewhere, but mild, wanting to  garden and take long walks mild. I try to use spring break as one is supposed to use it: unwind, watch endless X files, and cook good food, cuddle with the cats.


Today, I made a radicchio salad, with chopped apple, blue cheese, and as a new ingredient, lemon candied almonds and candied meyer lemon, with the lemon from my own tree. I cut the lemon into half, and then cut the half into into thin slices and heated them with 1 ts of sugar and some salt in its juice in a pan, and let the mix marinate for 10 min. It makes for both dressing as well as a salad ingredient. Definitely a spring bright addition!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Triple Chocolate Cookies

What better to relax with a nice cup of coffee, a good book and a fresh giant home-based, crumbly chocolate cookie?


Monday, March 7, 2016

Indian fast food

It’s finally spring break, but the weather thinks it is winter again, sending thick snow flakes dancing in front of my window.  At least, we seem a month ahead, April weather in March.  Time for a hearty lunch, a pan-fried Indian veggie pattie from Trader Joes, and beans and carrots with spicy bread crumbs.