Thursday, March 10, 2016

Candied Meyer Lemon in a salad

It’s much milder these days, not like early summer elsewhere, but mild, wanting to  garden and take long walks mild. I try to use spring break as one is supposed to use it: unwind, watch endless X files, and cook good food, cuddle with the cats.


Today, I made a radicchio salad, with chopped apple, blue cheese, and as a new ingredient, lemon candied almonds and candied meyer lemon, with the lemon from my own tree. I cut the lemon into half, and then cut the half into into thin slices and heated them with 1 ts of sugar and some salt in its juice in a pan, and let the mix marinate for 10 min. It makes for both dressing as well as a salad ingredient. Definitely a spring bright addition!

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