Monday, March 14, 2016

Of aliens and wunder unders

Today, I felt like Khloe Kardashian when I tried on the new wunder under that had just arrived from Lululemon: ‘wait, are they see through?!”  I could make out the color of my underwear. The material is wonderful, the color, too, and despite the endless negative reviews that I did not want to believe I ordered them anyway. But see-through? Hmm, maybe not.  Now, I believe that there are indeed see-through wunder unders. I thought they were just a customer conspiracy theory.

It feels like spring around here, it is still very windy and that makes it quite cold, but I put a few chairs on the deck. The first week of spring break is gone and it was deliciously relaxed. I’ve tried on trench coats, and packed up the warm winter scarfs and the heavy duty snow shoes. I saw the cutest ballet flats at Target (striped!). Summer can only be a matter of time and it is a month early this year.


I moved on to season 6 of the X Files, and after 3 episodes I wondered if I should be satisfied with season 1-5 and just shutter season 6-9. The move to sunny California seemed to be too much sunshine on the writers’ mind, with the entire tone changing to ‘funny’, ‘hilarious’ and, natch, romantic?? Makes me wonder if Law and Order: SVU would be on a similar rating suicide mission if they suddenly decided to be ‘funny’. Looks like as a X file fan you are a die-hard, and will live with a few funny aliens and amorous FBI agents.

So, let’s conclude this post of about nothing at all, and return to the regular program of cooking.

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