Friday, April 1, 2016

Inspired, live.

Today, I feel inspired. Creativelive, the wonderful online forum for artistic classes, streamed entire courses on food photography and food styling this week, for free. I still remember when I saw those courses live the first time around, some way back in 2011.  I learnt so much from all of them,  picking up bits and pieces here and there, and some were (and are) really influential, especially those by Penny De Los Santos.
Watching them a second time, they inspired me again, but in a different way. I guess we see things in layers. First layer, first impression. You digest it. Years later, you see something entirely differently, like when you watch a movie again, 10 years later. It took me adopting and living with 2 cats to notice that there is actually a cat prominently featuring in “Breakfast at Tiffany” (and then crying my eyes out when she got chucked out in the rain at the end of the movie).  Before, it was all about NYC, pearls and, well, croissants and breakfast at Tiffanys.

Anyway. Watching the courses a second time  also reminded me of all the camera equipment, props and  stuff I bought after watching those courses the first time around, and now these things are collecting dust in my photo equipment drawer.

It makes me excited again to go on the hunt for food props in the many antique malls and road-side yard sales in the summer in Maine. Looking for textures on old barn board, antique utensils, and grandmotherly crochet napkins.
How good to be inspired again! To be infused with new ideas, and new things to try out. Breathing new life into an old passion.

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