Saturday, May 7, 2016

A leg to stand on

It is “30 Days of Genius” on Creativelive currently, a series of interviews of Chase Jarvis, the founder of Creativelive, with 30 ‘influential’ people.  In the spirit of “I need keep my creativity engaged”, every day, like going for a walk every day, I try to do something creative/playful/exploratory every day. It can be something artistic or taking time and cook a new dish with new ingredients or flavors. I can stuck in the rut of just doing the same thing, day in, day out, feeling like a work or house wife machine.  But for me to be happy, a little bit of creativity makes a big difference of how I feel about life. It is as someone lit a match to my imagination and dreams.


The people on this Creative live series are very different from each other, different energy, different insights, different backgrounds, different experiences. I am three interviews in, so far. Sometimes it really is just a little thing that click and it can trigger all kinds of insights.

(The series is free, but you need to sign up to get an email with the course link. )

Otherwise, the weather is good, it’s the weekend, the lawn needs to be mowed (how can this always be the first ceremonious act of summer?), and I am getting my second pair of the Lululemon Studio pant III today; the III  are less bell bottom then the II, and they are shorter, and more light straight jeans. Love!  My favorite hiking pants! And I got them in pink, because… it’s summer.

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