Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The search for a summery turquoise running shoe

In the summer I love love love the color turquoise or aqua, a gradient mix between blue and green, that reminds me of the ocean. A few weeks ago I wanted to get a pair of running shoes in this color. But it was actually not that simple to decide.  Which kind of aqua? More on the blue side, or more on the green side? Which complementary colors? Yellow!  A fresh lemon yellow, for summer.  And for running shoes, it needs to be a reasonable brand.

So, I ordered a whole bunch of shoes, and yesterday they finally had all arrived and I went through the sorting process, with a glass of wine, to narrow it down. These were the contenders:

The first ones to be eliminated were the Ascics Gel-Kayano.  They fit really nice, but I really liked a darker contrast color.

The three contenders that survived the first round. The Ascics FuzeX look really nice from the color schema, but they are a bit flimsy for running shoes, there is very little cushioning and they just feel a bit ‘cheap’. 

Down to two contenders. Now, it was difficult to make up my mind. If I could only keep one pair I would keep the Ascics GT-1000 (upper pair). However, they run small. My typical size in Ascics is size 8, but with these my big toe hit the shoebox, and I don’t like that for running shoes. They are going back for a different size.

Love! Really nice, the right type of blue, the blue laces, the yellow shoe box and the purple low color.

But --- how can I say no to these? So cute! More aquamarine, with the darker turquoise as the shoe box, and the  flower-type pattern and the grey mesh. So elegant, and a great running shoe.

I might be in for 2 pairs of shoes…..

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