Monday, June 6, 2016

10 ways of treating yourself without eating or buying anything

Work, chores, just day to day life can get out of hand sometimes, and we need a treat. This can be an ice cream cone with sprinkles or some shoes online. Nothing wrong with it, but here are a some ways to treat ourselves that do not involve food or money.


1. Take a nap in the afternoon
Put on comfy clothes, lots of pillows, a blanket sprayed with a few spritz of perfume, the blinds drawn, and linger.

2. Start the day with a hot bath
Instead of an in-and-out shower, take time to run a steamy hot bath, with essential oils,  your favorite bubble bath, and flower petals. Light a few candles, and soak. Yes, in the morning. Nothing will reset the day more than time for a hot bath in the morning.  The daily plans take on a relaxed mode, too, starting to feel like vacation.


3. Take a day off chores for no reason at all
Use your day off to do wonderful unproductive things: sleep in, write a journal, read an old journal, draw, cook jam, Skype with a friend in different time zone, write a letter to a friend you have not been in contact with for years. Nap. Go and smell the lilacs in the garden.

4. Re-watch your favorite movie
Movies put a watcher in a mood, and some are like a wonderful bubble bath. In the summer, I love to watch “The Talented Mr Ripley” . Who can resist Jude Law on a sailboat in 50s Italy summer, and I always want to be right there, in Montebello.


5. Give yourself a mani or pedi
Add a few drops of essential oil and body wash to a pretty bowl of warm water and soak your extremities while you sit back and relax. Put on a fresh coat of fast drying nail polish in a fresh color.

6. Have a friend read a section of your favorite book to you aloud
It will bring back memories from childhood, when someone took time to be close to you and read for you. If your your lover reads it, it will certainly spark intimacy.

7. Borrow a dog and go for a walk
Your friendly neighbors or friend might have a dog who would love to double the walking time. Don’t forget to tell the dog about your day either and he’ll give you all the attention and empathy.

8. Learn something new you always wanted to learn and never had time to
Learning French? Italian? Arabic? Learning how to knit? crochet? Program computers? Cooking a complicated dish? Write a short story? Compose a poem? Paint a picture without ‘coloring for adults’? Today, it is easy to learn about anything with free resources on the internet.

reading aloud

9. Go for a walk around the neighborhood
Just to stroll, to relax. Take in the familiar sights. This is your extended home. Feel at home.

10. House-sit for a friend with house in the country and a dog and cat for the weekend
Wanting to get away? A friend of mine augments her income with house and pet sitting, but it looks like a great getaway, living in a nice place with pets.

11. Listen to Samba music and start dancing
Mas ne qada, by Sergio Mendes and Bossa Nova is a good start to get in the mood for summer and the Olympics this year.

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