Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The summer is back, after a phase of unseasonably cold weather, and today is the second day of summer.  Summer brings back childhood memories, of going swimming all day, picking berries, playing all day long with friends and racing home for dinner with the town’s church bell rang 6pm. Summer days seemed endless.

I am not sure what brought it to my mind but I’ve been thinking about the endless rounds of hopscotch I played as a child. Is this something people still do today? It is just  low-tech game but so much fun.


Just a paved driveway, sidewalk or residential street, some colorful chalk and a few stones, and you are ready to go.


The version that I played included throwing a small pebble stone into the first number, the jumping over this block with one leg to the ground and the other leg angled up, hopping through the numbered blocks, turning around, hopping back, picking up the stone, jumping over the block, and being done with the first round. The lines could not be touched, not with the stone or hopping through them. Then, the next number. If you make a mistake, it is the other person’s turn.  The person who is finished first, wins the game.


We played endless afternoons, again and again and again, as only children can repeat things, and get into a state of flow, talking, telling stories. It requires quite some skill and stamina that gets really better over the course of a summer, and next year it would start from the beginning.


At least parents have legit reasons to get in on the action…


although, it seems popular and fun at any age….


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