Sunday, July 10, 2016

On crappy days, do crappy things.

It is July, and while it has been wonderful weatherwise, for most of it, the last 4 days were overcast, dark and much colder. I feel like my the solar light string on my deck: if  it does not recharge with sufficient sunlight the bulbs look dim and sad. Thanks to the weather forecast, I know this stretch is limited.  Yesterday I tried to make it through the remaining 2 bad weather day, with a chance of residual fun.  I found myself trying to set a direction that would give me at least a little bit of joy, but in the end, I did not succeed. I was plain bored and annoyed and without ideas. I sat in starbucks and after my coffee, still not feeling any more inspired, I simply started doing some work stuff that I normally find tedious and postpone. No, I did not make me feel better. But I did distract myself for a few hours from being annoyed.

Today is another crappy day, and I don’t even want to get out of bed and start the struggle.  Instead of ringing in another self pity party with “But this is so unfair, this is summer, there should be good weather!”, I cave. I say to myself, “ok, so, another crappy day. Life is going into this down turn, but it will go up again, on its own. Life is just this meandering road, ups and downs. This is just a blimp on the larger landscape. Today, it is down, and no matter what I do I will likely not change it. So, why not accept it, and embrace it. If it is a crappy day, why not plan to get more crappy things out of my way, that might be the time for it, because it can’t get much worse.”


I think acceptance is the first step to turn things around, to transform them. If we fight them, through complaints, stones, bombs or assault rifles, we are like petulant children, wanting to get our way. But things get worse, resistance from all sides will ensue. If we accept that life does not go the way we expect it or feel we have a right for it to go, then we accept reality. We accept that our wishes are not the center of the world, but that life is bigger than what we want. That we also don’t always know what’s best. Humility. Maybe, this is what the world needs today. A bit more humility.

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