Monday, July 18, 2016

Sayonara, summer pounds

The summer slowly passes this year. Day by day, with currently very hot and humid weather. I sleep with a fan slowly purring and the cats lay in the window all night to get some of the cooler air. Unlike other summers I prefer to stay at home this year.  I feel like a child again, playing hopscotch, and loosing myself in the endless days.

With living slowly, however, came a peril. I seem not to be able to shed a few pounds that I picked up over the winter. It is a relief to know what works for me. That, that if I do it, I will be in my best shape again, not just in good shape. For many, many years I actually did not know what to do. I seemed to be on a permanent diet and I still did not lose anything. Now I know what works (for me), but I seem to have a hard time applying it this year. There are summer BBQs, a glass of rose on the porch here, and an ice cream cone there. No big deal, all part of living the summer, but I still long to fit in my (currently a bit too snug ) jeans again, with summer half passed.

While consistency is key, distraction seems to be more important. Having days filled with activities that make me feel fulfilled, and not just have time lap away by watching endless shows on netflix and dabble in not much, on the side. Asking myself what I do for the rest of my day: do I have fun? Real fun? Do I feel my day was worthwhile? Did I have a good experience? A plan? Is my day full with fulfilling, meaningful activities? Or was I lazy and took the easy way out (aka netflix)?  Then, for some reason, those pounds seem to magically sail away, waving sayonara, on their way out.

I guess I need a plan.  A ‘fun’ plan.

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