Sunday, July 24, 2016

Things I like Sunday

It is a sweltering summer this year, temperatures in the 90s without end. This is the time to drive to the coast, and hope for a cool ocean breeze. The ocean water is definitely very cold.

  • Snapchat follows: a few month ago I started to follow people on snapchats. Some people can get old very fast, because they are so annoying. Most people, actually. However, 2 people are gems to follow: my No 1 is Gwen Stefani, who is currently on tour, and one of her son Kingston works those filters like a pro. The second one is Kate Hudson, who is also, although she is gorgeous and hip, mostly funny and ridiculous on her snapchats.  I guess funny works for me. People giving me pouty lip kit looks, snaps of their food, or cocktails in bars, or babies, that gets old really fast…. Swipe! Maybe, Kourtney’s sweaty exercise are inspiring.
  • Now, love this ! Not just organic milk, but grass-fed milk.
  • The Big Magic: I once listened to Elizabeth’s Gilbert TED talk about inspiration and genius (Elisabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love). It rang a bell. What if genius is not us, but a genie sitting in the walls, waiting to talk to us, once we get serious about writing? This summer I bought her book, The Big Magic. It’s wonderful. Lighthearted, magical… waiting for those mystical forces, the ideas zipping by, and being caught on paper.
  • Summer make-up: This stuff rocks in the summer. It is barely a hint of color, but makes for an even skin tone. I typically use the Bare minerals Complexion Rescue, which is very light, but this is even lighter.

Stay cool!


(source: andrew scrivani, instagram)

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