Friday, August 5, 2016

Island Time, Part 1

Hope, you have some time, because we are going on a trip today…..

Stonington on Deer Isle, ME, is the quintessential Maine village: scenic, cozy, sleepy, beautiful, authentic and far removed from the realities of the real world. The true island feeling. The realities stay behind on the mainland.

The other day, on a hot Sunday, when hiking did not seem like a good idea, I settled for the next best thing, a long, winding drive over the back roads of Maine. I had not been to Deer Isle for years, but I had recently heard that there is a new restaurant, and I just need one reason (a tasty meal is a good enough for me) to head to a far away place.

The shady, empty road took me to Blue Hill first. Blue Hill is located on the southern end of a hilly region that still today grows wild blueberries, thus, the  name Blue Hill. Blue Hill is one of my favorite villages, but there is not much to do there besides a few stores and I yet have to find a good restaurant. They open and close, and so often I just pass through on my way to Deer Isle.

A must-stop is the Blue Hill Coop, for its eclectic selection of organic foods, home-made salads and sandwiches. I bought an amazing beet kombucha, and have already convinced myself that I have to stop there again, just for this kombucha.



Walking around on a hot, sunny Sunday in July the town appeared deserted and much like Italy during siesta in August. Stores shuttered, to open again, when the heat is less oppressive.







An old store, converted into a mix of espresso bar, chocolatier, and flower store made a few people stop and seek refuge from the heat.



The art box --- a converted old cigarette dispenser.


After a short stopover, it was time to continue to the second part of the trip. Island time! Stay tuned for part 2!


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