Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shoes. Shoes again.

Ahhh, the working of social marketing. There you are, browsing innocently over someone's blogpost on your feed. They show you a leg, or their two feet, with new sneakers, and you think "Hmmmmmm. I've been looking for shoes in exactly this color! Looking good!"(that's Anne.)

You do some research and wonder if she got a special model, because those available for mere mortals look nothing like hers.

You decide to move on. Phew. Bit the bullet on that one.

You browse around on other websites, press some buttons on customization options and think "Wait. Let me recreate these shoes...."

Looking good, looking good, Nike version. But $230 is a bit steep.

Creating a few more models, just for the fun of it.

I'd love to get these.

Then, I cave and bought these.

My pink! It almost worked with the social marketing, but somehow I was redirected.

And this is what happens if you don't fight it. You end up like Chris Brown and his sneaker collection...

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