Thursday, September 29, 2016

The time of the beets

It is the time of the year when beets are sold in large bags, pounds and pounds of them, for $5 at my farmers market. They store well, and I stock up for the fall season. Over the years, I prepared them in different ways, here is a collection of different recipes that  I go back to, again and again.

1. Balsamic Roasted Beets

This must be my favorite way to prepare them. Wash the beets, scrub them, no need to peel them, and cut them in sliced or cubes, and roasted them in a covered clay baker for about 1h in a bath of beef broth and balsamic vinegar and a bay leaf. They are a great side, and perfect addition for salads throughout the week.


2.  Z’atar roasted beets with string beans, Brussels sprouts and goat cheese

This is a great dinner using the balsamic roasted beets. The z’atar adds a wonderful, warm spice and note to the fall dish.


3. Beet Salad with Garlic Greek Yogurt sauce

This recipe is inspired by a beet wrap from the 86 This! store in Belfast. The roasted beets with a very garlicky Greek yogurt dill sauce are the core of this tasty wrap with spinach and walnuts.


Other ideas to use balsamic roasted beets:

Raw kale salad with roasted beets, melon and balsamic vinegar.


Roasted beets with apple and pomegranate seeds.


A lunch plate with apples and falafel.


4. Pickled beets

Beets are first roasted and then pickled in vinegar with onions, sugar and spices. Much better than the store-bought variety.


5. Raw beets

Raw beets is another great way to prepare them, preserving all their vitamins and a nice crunch, much like carrots. Here, they are prepare with red cabbage, shaved fennel, goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.


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