Monday, October 10, 2016

Kale chips on the fly

On Friday, Wholefood Market had a special sale: 3 bundles of Tuscan Kale for $5. That was a lot of kale. I stored it in my fridge, and the leaves started to become limp. Today, I chopped it up and stored it in a covered glass bowl in the fridge so that I would get more life out of it. It did not all fit, and how to reduce the volume of kale really fast? Kale chips.

Actually, I used the organic curly kale that I had picked up from Trader Joes for the chips. The marinade was thrown together fast: 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, 2-3 TB mirin (sweet rice vinegar), 1 TB amino acids, and a teaspoon of roasted sesame oil. New this time: a tablespoon of red pepper flakes and a tablespoon of cane sugar. Salty, spicy, sweet and crunchy is a good combination in my book (followed by ravenously eating all the chips).


I mixed it all up, and massaged the marinade into the leaves, strew them out on a baking sheet, and instead of drying it for 12h I baked them at 375F for 10 min. They were basically toasted kale leaves.


As said. Addictive.


These days I make quite a few kale edamame lunch salads with dried cranberries and slivered almonds, an apple and balsamic vinaigrette. The kale adds a good bite and texture, and it is crunchy with the apples and almonds, and sweet with the vinaigrette and apple. Perfect fall salad!


The weather is sunny, sometimes still really warm and the leaves are the brightest yellow, orange and red I have seen in years. The wind blows wildly and the leaves are dancing. Soon they will dance off the trees, and then gray November will set it. But this is still far away.

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