Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday: favorite links

It has been a long, long week. The weather is beautiful, sunny often and even warm. The leaves have an incredible vibrant color this fall like someone moved the contrast right to the max volume. It is beautiful. Here are some finds from this week, the one that impressed me the most is the last link.

  • Foodstyling photos: I found this home foodstyling workshop in Berlin, from the beautiful Krautkopf blog. I am in love with all the photos, the dark hardwood floors, the atmosphere captured, the tattoes of the guy’s arm, and the coffee maker!chemex
  • Knitting time: Fall is the time to pick apples, cook kuri squash soup, and finally open a good book, find that cozy blanket and read (likely supported by a cat or two). If I have my hands free, it is also the time to knit, like this sweater (<--no affiliate link!).fall_knitting
  • Why life is not a journey. It is to sing or dance while the music is still playing.  I found this beautiful video made to the words of Allan Watts, about the common western perception that life is a journey, that we need to ‘get somewhere’ and when we get to the destination we are rewarded and all the good feelings start. So, we focus on getting there. But, nothing ever changes at the destination. That life is really more like music, at any time in life, childhood, teenager hood, adulthood, and we are here to dance, and sing, with life, as long as the music lasts.

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