Friday, January 5, 2018

Snow Globe

Winter started early this year. First, there was this massive snow storm on Christmas Day, then the temperatures dropped to arctic levels and not just here in Maine. I went skiing every day, a favorite thing to do to get outside and stay warm, even in below 0F temperatures. Yesterday, a blizzard brought another foot or 2 of snow. It is hard to tell because of the blown snow banks which are much higher and seem to have relocated my driveway. The neighbors’ snowblowers have been roaring for hours, and my adventure is still ahead. Digging out. Digging out the heating gas inlet, too, and a path to it, and the deck because I hardly can see outside my patio doors. We did not loose power, that was good. The temperatures will go back to arctic cold for the weekend but after that it will be less relentless. It’s only Jan 5 and the whole winter is still ahead. There will be a lot of skiing, I suppose.

I’ve been following Heidi Swanson adventures with the instant pot, and she has a few really good recipes, like the Indian simmer sauce, a spicy based for other dishes. The cauliflower chickpea korma is also epic. I made my own channa massala, but with canned chickpeas, and it takes only 15min on the stove top. It would be a great candidate for the instant pot.

Besides snow adventures, I spend a lot of time on my couch these days, on the computer or knitting, or reading (Bruce Springsteen's biography), cats curled up next to me. The Maine version of hygge, or cabin magic. Winter. It can only be another 2-3 months!

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