Saturday, February 10, 2018

Back in the kitchen with my friend Ina

The barefoot contessa is still cooking. I missed Ina when I decided to go TV-free 2.5 years ago. The food channel used to be running all day long, while I typed away on my computer. It looks like I also lost my inspiration to try out new recipes when I stopped watching the food channel.

With the Winter Olympics and figure skating and long winter nights looming, I tried out the Hulu Live TV option (the first week is free), and the first channel I turned on was the Barefoot Contessa. It felt like running into an old friend, years later, and wondering how she has been. It seems like nothing has changed. Jeffrey still likes her cooking, and they still have this blissed out, peaceful life in the Hamptons.

February is dragging on; winter keeps us busy with snow and snow removal. Up here in Maine, there is no hope that there might be an early end to winter in February. But February is also a short month, fortunately.

Things that I’ve liked lately:
  • I think this X Files episode (Season 11, Episode4)  from the current season is one of the best and funniest ever. Can I only say the aliens come to Earth and tell Mulder and Scully that the aliens built a wall around the earth’s solar system because they don’t want all this destructive negativity?
  • No one got around Elon Musk this week. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch was amazing. I mostly liked how the booster rockets safely landed again, standing upright. Engineering bliss.
  • I really like this Lululemon top, and the porcelain pink color is fabulous! It has such beautiful detail around the sleeves and the back.
  • Yesterday, when I browsed through Best Buy I came across the Canon G7x Mark II and fell in love! It is like a DLSR in a tiny point and shot. It’s in the mail. I will report back.
  • I also like Local Milk’s lightroom filter presets. I am still on the fence of investing so much money into some presets, but I am seriously tempted. (this demo might push me over the edge!)
That’s all for now. Time to plow some snow and then plow through some snow on skis before I’ll watch Olympians plowing through snow on the other side of the globe. 

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