About Living Life

This blog started out as a collection of plant-based recipes that finally helped me to shed the last 10 pounds that I had to try to loose all my life.  Today, I know what works for me (at last) to bootstrap my eating when I need to shed some weight that inevitably always creeps up due to stress, or other circumstances. But all that really matters is living well, living life which is a precious gift in itself. To do so, it does not really matter what the scale says. In the end, it is about life on our own terms. 

Everyone has a different "feel good weight". It is personal, and for some it is more important than others. But, like Miranda in "Sex and the City", we often can relate to the good feeling of fitting in our 'skinny jeans', the ones that fit when we are at our 'feel good weight'.

This blog is mostly about plant-based recipes that I enjoy. Once I cooked vegan, there seemed to be less variety, which is natural when you exclude several food groups. Since then I have been interested in coming up or trying out bold, satisfying, tasty recipes with mostly unprocessed food

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